I get scared you’ll leave me soon
Even though we call each other every afternoon
It’s true

i think it is important to be with someone who makes you as happy as your dog gets when you come back home.

i’m mildly miserable in life right now. i just want to be held and be sad for a second. i don’t think it’s fair that you have to be born and go to school and then expected to go to college and you’re temporarily like yay i get to live on my own!!! but then you realize there’s not too much of a choice about that either because of the atrocity that is in/out of state tuition. and you’re broke the entire time anyways. i just want to fucking run away. i firmly believe that happiness can be found inside yourself but it is so god damn hard to transcend beyond these earthly obstacles standing in my way. what even is happiness honestly???? is that even attainable whilst in young-adulthood???? 

your imperfections can be your strengths if you want them to be

when i was going through some shit, my dad wrote the lyrics to this song on my mirror at my old house. i didn’t erase them for years until we moved and i had to. but i read those words every single day and i think they’re very profound…. simple, but profound if you actually absorb them. so, this song is on repeat tonight. 

"breathe, breathe in the air.

don’t be afraid to care.

leave, don’t leave me.

look around, choose your own ground.

long you live and high you fly,

and smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry.

all you touch and all you see

is all your life will ever be.”

You really would be such a catch if you weren’t a terrible person with no soul

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