could literally spend my entire checking account balance on etsy this is a problem

my heart feels like it’s shedding layers upon layers of guilt and built up questions… rotted and decaying mistakes i’ve made. i feel like it’s beating bright red for the first time in so, so long.

going through a phase of pretty stationary obsession….. it’s all i ever wanna buy

If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.
― (via lohanthony)

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Anonymous: Can I send you new music and movies and handmade bracelets and shit? because that would be the tits

dude….. can i send you stones and incense and mix cds and poetry? cause that would be the shit.

Let our scars fall in love.
― Galway Kinnell (via observando)

this is serious. if you think i’d enjoy exchanging packages/letters with you, inbox me! 

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